And therefore tangles and turmoil run after each other in these canvases full of colours, crossed by slashes of light in an emotional cocktail that never ends, being supported by an inexhaustible quest for novelty that meets his restless, yet dreaming, soul.
Franco Riccomini, art critic

“For Gustavo Maestre, Art is an initiatory journey through the essence of the inner self, following the paths of painting, sculpture, poetry, music and performance, mixing fear, hope and memories between Venezuela and Europe.”
Ilaria Magni, art critic

“The painting of Maestre is not a totem, it’s an altar. For him, the human being, both modern and primitive, is still writhing in a cage with his own fears, his ancestral troubles, loving, hating, doubting and the mystery of a dominating and pervasive fate. Nevertheless, he wants to get out of it, striving with all his energy. Painting is the right chance.”
Attilio Maltinti, art critic

“We long to discover something that has been hidden for a long time, something considered unacceptable and dangerous just because out of common sense. His paintings strike at our dark side where everything is still possible.”
Angela Rosi, art critic

“Among crosses, words of denunciation, staked hearts, loneliness, despair, men and women departing in ephemeral anonymity, fallen angels, symbols reminding of ancestral and mythological events, there is the awareness that, through Art, Revolution and Change are still possible.”
Laura Monaldi, art critic